Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace

In modern times the acceptance and promotion of a healthy labor force are gaining ground now in many organizations than before, as the realization of the huge benefits of actively promoting health and wellness in the workplace.   These benefits impact the homes, the schools and communities as well.   Workplace health promotion is about taking stepsRead moreRead more

Health Benefits of Foot Massage

The care that our feet deserve for the hard work that they perform every day is second to none. We spend more time and money to pamper those other areas of our bodies, for example, our hair and nails and forget those tired, hard-working feet except to give them some fancy trappings which many timesRead moreRead more

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water, a product which is a clear liquid from the center of the fresh, green coconut, has a sweet, nutty taste. This water is well-known for centuries for its refreshing and medicinal properties and recommended by older folk when combating dehydration from conditions such as gastroenteritis and fever. People from the tropical climate inRead moreRead more