Eating a Raw Food Diet

In this diet you will mostly be eating raw fruits, vegetables, and grains. The obvious benefit of eating a raw food diet is that the body will be stronger to resist diseases, as most of what you eat will be high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and disease-fighting phytochemicals.

Fruit Salad

Heating Foods

The idea that heating food destroys the nutrients and natural enzymes which causes the body to become susceptible to disease. Some proponents say that cooking makes food toxic to the body. They claim that a raw food diet can clear up headaches, allergies, boost immunity and memory, improve other health conditions.

Preparing Meals

In going completely raw, you will not be cooking your meals, and spending money for gas or electricity but you will have to be creative in preparing your meals and also if you want to eat organic foods then you may have to travel for it: you may need to go to specialty stores for a wider selection than your usual grocery store, which are usually more expensive than regular food stores.

Eating out can be challenging and limiting as not many restaurants will have that kind of meal plan unless it is pre-ordered. You can use blenders, food processors, and dehydrators to prepare foods – which are expensive to purchase/replace.

Vegetable Dish

Limitations of Raw Food Diet

This kind of diet is not advisable from many health professionals stand point  as there is no scientific claims that cooking makes food toxic, instead they say, cooking makes some foods more digestible for example, beans, whole grains and lean proteins.Cooking also boosts some nutrients, like beta-carotene and lycopene, and kills bacteria. Some uncooked and unpasteurized foods are linked to food-borne illness, so you’ll need to wash your food thoroughly and be extra careful with risky foods like sprouts, raspberries, unpasteurized juices, green onions, and lettuce.

Due to the risk of food poisoning, a raw food diet isn’t recommended for:

  • pregnant women
  • young children
  • seniors
  • people with weak immune systems
  • those with chronic medical conditions like kidney disease.

The Choice – Raw or Cooked Food

It is not recommended for any specific health conditions. But losing extra weight is good for general health. If you are considering a raw diet, talk to your doctor before starting the plan.



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