Health Benefits of Foot Massage

The care that our feet deserve for the hard work that they perform every day is second to none. We spend more time and money to pamper those other areas of our bodies, for example, our hair and nails and forget those tired, hard-working feet except to give them some fancy trappings which many times are damaging to them/us.

Let us stop for a moment to consider the importance of these weight bearers which are useful in many ways to us, due to how they were designed by our creator. The most obvious purpose of our feet is for walking, but we receive many health benefits of foot massage that we sure are grateful for.

Science has taught us that all the systems of the body are interrelated and therefore there are many other purposes for our feet, which we must know, are very important for our well-being, mentally and physically.

Massage with Essential Oils

One of the ways that we can care for our feet is by massaging them regularly especially at the end of a long, tiring day, and walking on them. We can use essential oils, diluted with a small amount of vegetable oil, body creams or bath gel for massaging them.

Start to massage from the arch of one foot in a clockwise motion, pressing steadily with your fingers and thumbs and knuckles up to your toes, come down to the heel. Massage the inner sides of the ankles and up to the top of the foot. Do this for about ten minutes before going onto the other foot. If you feel pain, do not stop massaging, just reduce the pressure. After a foot massage, for a few times, the pain will go away.

Some Specific Health benefits of Foot Massage

Client getting a foot massage

It has been proven over the years that special foot massages or reflexology help the body to heal from diseases. I am not a doctor but I believe these reports as I can testify to specific benefits personally, and so I believe the other health benefits of foot massage that have been named, for example, pains and headaches have shown to improve after a massage or reflexology treatment. Persons suffering from poor circulation have reported improvements. Depressed and anxious individuals have been healed. Persons with chronic hypertension have seen their blood pressure lowered. This is good news.

My Personal experience

I had developed a constant pain in the arch of my left foot, which I, have noticed there for about three years and now it has improved simply by doing these massages. I told my general practitioner about it from I began having this pain but he told that it was nothing serious and stopped worrying about it. But the pain was still there. From time to time I would rub it, pressing very hard into the painful area, whenever the pain would become so pronounced. Then I would notice that my breathing would become deeper, so I was relaxed, and it was as if the pain was diminishing too.

At times when I massaged my feet, I feel like a sharp nerve pain goes straight to my left side of my back. I presume that it must be the associated organ in my body for that pressure point I massaged. I still massage my feet regularly in spite of the pain in my foot. Recently I started rubbing it more frequently and the pains have almost disappeared.

Also, many years ago, nearly thirty years, I had a health problem which the doctors could not help me with. I went to a reflexologist then – the first and only time to this day, and he told me what my problem was, for which no doctor could diagnose it. By applying his knowledge and pressure to my feet, I got well.

The surprising thing about it was that my feet were not the issue then, but the pain I felt when he applied pressure to those areas on my feet, I was alarmed. That goes to say that our bodies are suffering but we do not know how much until it breaks down, but our feet can help us by diagnosing the problem.

The Remedy

A foot massage is a lot more beneficial to both physical and mental health than most people realize. We spend more time on our gadgets and other non-essentials than is necessary. All that is needed for us to benefit such great blessings is a mere 10-20 minute foot massage a few times per week.


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