Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace

A better choice over snacking on junk food

In modern times the acceptance and promotion of a healthy labor force are gaining ground now in many organizations than before, as the realization of the huge benefits of actively promoting health and wellness in the workplace.   These benefits impact the homes, the schools and communities as well.   Workplace health promotion is about taking steps to help employees improve their own general health and wellbeing at work.

For the Employers – More Profit

For the employer, the obvious benefits of a healthy workforce are that their businesses will be profitable and sustainable.  They will have reduced labor turnover, as workers will be committed to working for a company that shows support for their health.  Staff morale will be high and this will be obvious to outsiders, thereby drawing attention to the organization that it is a good place to work. This will translate into less absenteeism and a more productive labor force too as workers are happy with their work.

Health Insurance and compensation claims will be reduced as workers will be supported in practicing healthy and proper safety measures in and out of the work environment.  Some states, Indiana, Mississippi and Massachusetts offer tax incentives to small companies that promote health and wellness activities for their employees.

For the Employees – Riches over Poverty

The numerous benefits that the employees receive from being involved in health and wellness programs cover the individual’s entire life – social, emotional, financial, mental, sexual and physical health.

In the social aspect, workers will be more sociable in their relationships in the workplace as well as outside.   Stress will be handled better and sickness, accidents, and ill health will be prevented as workers will be informed of proper health and safety guidelines practices, causing a reduction in their expenses and poverty to decrease and more financial savings to be realized.

Over the years, these claims, have been studied scientifically so it is wise for everyone to heed the lifestyle practice of promoting health and wellness in the workplace.

Benefits to Community

The individual worker has a family which is the nucleus of any society, so from the individual impacting the home positively, the community is influenced by those actions.  Each family working and impacting the community and creating sustainable development in the economy.


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  1. You are absolutely right! When the workplace is productive and healthy, the morale of the staff will be higher. I think the health and wellness programs are great. We have them where I work.
    It motivates people to eat better foods and exercise more, as well as keep their work areas safer.
    You’ve made some really good points here!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,

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